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54th Annual Mothers' Club Fashion Show Model Profiles

Profiles of the Mothers and Sons of the 54th Fashion Show

Margerite Allen Wooten

Involvement at MSJ: I have been involved in the Mothers’ Club, Mother/Son Communion Breakfasts, Bingo Night Volunteer, Mother's Welcome Teas, and Volunteering alongside my son for the past two years at Happy Helpers for the Homeless. Served as a carpool mom, three years for four MSJ young men, hearing the stories, laughter, and their pride of being a Gael!

Favorite Memory: Being involved with the Mount Moms and making lasting friendships and traveling to Spain and Portugal during Spring Break with my son, students, and teachers. The camaraderie was amazing! The touring, breaking bread together, and of course, shopping was wonderful.


Gabriel Marcus Wooten
Activities at MSJ:
I am the President of the Chess Club. I participate in the Video Game Club, Anime Club, Storytellers Club, and  Book/Graphic Novel Club. I am a Tech and Stage Crew Member for Mount Saint Joseph Plays.

Favorite Memory: Attending Nerd Nights!

What will you miss most: Being around the people, my teachers, fellow students, and the overall community.

D’Ann Dorschel
Involvement at MSJ: I have served on the
Mothers’ Club Board in the following roles, Treasurer - 2018/19, Volunteer/Communications Coordinator - 2017/18, 2019/20. I was the originator and  Administrator of Mother of Saint Joseph FaceBook page. I have served as the Hospitality Co-chair - 2017/18, 2018/19 and Fashion Show Committee Member - 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/190.

Favorite Memory: I have so many wonderful memories at MSJ that there's too many to share! I've enjoyed volunteering with the Welcome Tea, Fashion Show, Meet and Greet, and Mothers' Club Board and attending the monthly Mothers' Club meetings making new friends and continuing old friendships. These women have brought me many laughs, shoulders to lean on, and memories that I will forever hold near and dear to my heart! I'm grateful my son has been a part of the MSJ Community and will be a Brother for Life 💜

Scott Ricktor
Activities at MSJ
: JV Soccer , Freshman Rugby, Junior class President, Brother James Kelly Scholar, National Math Honors Society, Social Media Club.

Favorite Memory: Memories made with friends in and out of school.

What will you miss most: The community and brotherhood.

Bridget Hurley
Involvement at MSJ:
I have been a member of the Mount Saint Joseph Mother’s Club since 2006.  Currently, I am a co-chair of the Saluting Our Mount Men Tribute Book.  Over the years I have also been involved with the Hospitality, Membership, and Faculty Special Events Committees.  My favorite events are the Welcome Tea, Communion Breakfast, Mid-Morning Munchies, Open House, and any type of Meet and Greet event with prospective and incoming students and families.  In addition to involvement with Mothers’ Club, I am also is the parent coordinator for the MSJ Band.  I have 5 sons, with 4 that have attended the Mount: Devin, Class of 2010, Liam, Class of 2014, Connor, Class of 2017, and Sean, Class of 2020.

Favorite Memory: MSJ is Home! We love it here! The MSJ families and the MSJ faculty and staff have always been welcoming to my husband, me, and my five sons. My family moved to the Baltimore area from southeastern Virginia in the summer of 2006, and my second son started at MSJ that fall.  Through the years, whenever we needed support, academically or through the guidance counsellors, someone was always there to help us out. My sons and I have also made wonderful friends for life through MSJ, and I feel that we are all so blessed to be a part of the MSJ Family.   I will miss cheering for the Marching Band at the football games, and seeing my sons and their friends in the MSJ and MDSA musicals and dramas.  I will be so proud of my youngest when he graduates this year, but I know that my heart will be breaking at the same time.

Sean Hurley

Activities at MSJ: My  favorite subjects in school are Physics, Calculus, and Computer Science, and I am also in the Brother Kelly Scholars program. I have participated in a number activities over the years including the Maryland Math League, National Honor Society, Italian Foreign Language Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Ping Pong Club, Record Collector Club, Theater, Choir, A Cappella, Video Game Club, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, and Pep Band.  I was also the winner of the 2018 MSJ Science Fair.

Favorite Memory: The numerous times that Mr Bristol would get a static shock from the Van de Graaf electrostatic generator in Physics Lab.

What will you miss most: The friends I have made at MSJ, because they catalyzed my love of the arts and desire for spirituality.  I will also miss my teachers, especially Mr. Grebe and Mr. Bristol.


Isa Mills
Involvement at MSJ:
I'm fortunate to have been involved with the Mothers' Club during our four years here, assisted with the football and baseball teams, and participated in many great events, including the Fashion Show, Communion Breakfast, and Post-Prom.

Favorite Memory: I cherish the friendships I've made with some amazing women and look forward to the immense joy of graduation day!

Ryan S. Mills
Activities at MSJ:
During my time at MSJ, I've participated in wrestling, football, baseball, and indoor track.

Favorite Memory: Favorite memories include attending the ski trip, playing baseball in Myrtle Beach, junior retreat, and representing MSJ as a pitcher in the MD HS All-Stars "Fear the Claw" Baseball Classic.

What will you miss most: Snow days and 2hr delays!  But more importantly, spending time with all the people I have become close with over my time at Saint Joe.

Michelle Morrison
Involvement at MSJ: I have been an active member of the Mothers’ Club at MSJ for four years. I served on the Bingo Committee and hosted a bingo table for my family in the last four years. I have also been a member of the Hospitality Committee and always available to lend a helping hand and a Tea Table Sponsor for three years. I have served as a team mom in both the Football and Baseball programs. Also, our family has volunteered at My Brother's Keeper serving Thanksgiving meals and adopting families at Christmas.

Favorite Memory: My favorite MSJ event is the Tea- meeting new moms and welcoming them into the MSJ family.

Michael Morrison
Activities at MSJ:
I have played JV football as a freshman and Varsity Football sophomore and junior year.  I played on the Freshman Baseball, JV baseball, and Varsity baseball teams. I am an active volunteer–serving at My Brother’s Keeper and the Appalachian Service Project for the last four years.

Favorite Memory: I have a lot of great memories playing  Baseball, the coaches, his teammates, but my favorite Memory at MSJ being named defensive player of the year as a Freshman on the JV Football team.

What will you miss most: The coaches and teachers.

Jennifer Parker
Involvement at MSJ:
President of the Mothers’ Club, 1st VP Mothers' Club, Fashion Show Committee, Chair of MARC Committee.

Favorite Memory: My favorite Memory of MSJ is when Ken and I read the poems at the Mother and Son Communion Breakfast.  I was slightly chocked-up reading my part, but Ken read his poem, "When you thought I wasn't looking," beautifully, there was not a dry eye in the house, including mine.

Ken Parker
Activities at MSJ:
Model UN, Tech Crew, Stage Crew, NHS, Rho Kappa

Favorite Memory: My favorite Memory at Mount Saint Joe was being part of the Tech Crew during Footloose the musical.

What will you miss most: The thing I will miss about Mount Saint Joe the most is being a part of the shows.

Rosaire Protzman
Involvement at MSJ:
I have been a part of the Mount Saint Joseph Mothers' Club for six years.  I have been a member of both the Fashion Show Committee and the Saluting Our Mount Men Committee, where I am currently a co-chair.  I have also enjoyed helping at various events, especially band dinners for the MSJ pep band.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memories are visiting the classrooms during the homeroom period to take class pictures for the Saluting Our Mount Men book.  It is fun to take a peek into a typical day at school.

Kevin Protzman
Activities at MSJ:
National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, XBSS, MSJ Drum Major, MSJ Bands: Symphonic Band, Pit Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Choir Band, Peer Education, MSJ Math League, Cyber Patriot, Track

Favorite Memory: Playing the drum set for MSJ plays (and MDSA plays):  Footloose, High School Musical, West Side Story, Matilda, (and Newsies for the first few weeks of rehearsal)

What will you miss most: I will miss being with my MSJ brothers every day. 

Michele Uhler
Involvement at MSJ:
Michele has been an active member of the Mothers' Club for eight years straight, serving as chair of the Bingo committee for six years, and on the Executive Board for five years, as 2nd Vice President, President and Parliamentarian twice. She has also assisted with many of the Mothers' Club committees and events.

Favorite Memory: I have enjoyed attending many of the Mothers' Club events, such as the Welcome Tea, the Mother & Son Communion mass & breakfast, Morning Munchies, the Bingos, the Fashion Shows, and the Post Prom Parties.  I have also enjoyed helping with the Hospitality Committee for Open House and the Meet & Greet.  Watching my sons play Football and Zach excelling at Rugby, as well as being Team Mom for both, has been a special part of my MSJ experience.  However, seeing both of my sons grow into "Men that God intends them to be," has been my greatest blessing.

Zach Uhler
Activities at MSJ:
I have played football for three years and Rugby for four years. I was recognized as MVP and MIAA All-Conference Rugby Team in 2019. I have also been involved with the Big Brother program, National Honor Society, Foreign Language National Honor Society, and the Leadership Club.

Favorite Memory: My favorite Memory at MSJ was winning the MIAA Rugby Championship in 2019

What will you miss most:  I will miss seeing his friends at MSJ daily but knows that they will be brothers for life.

Jennifer Walker
Involvement at MSJ:
Since 2016, I have been actively involved in the Mothers' Club. From homecoming dance, open house, freshman meet and greet night, and donating a lot of desserts along the way, I was given excellent advice before my son even started at MSJ to become involved in the Mothers’ Club. It was great advice and has led to many great friendships.   For the past two years, I have been the co-chair of the Faculty Special Events Committee. This committee is so rewarding because we go the extra mile to recognize the faculty, coaches, and staff for all of their hard work and dedication in growing our sons into young men.

Favorite Memory: I have many fond memories of MSJ over the past four years and will continue making memories for another three years as my younger son continues at MSJ.  What is most meaningful to me is that my sons are walking the same halls and having some of the same experiences that their great grandfather, grandfather, great uncles, uncles, and cousins have had.

Griffiths Walker
Activities at MSJ:
For the past four years, I have been involved in Rugby, Volleyball, Student council, leadership club, business club, NHS, Rho Kappa, Kelly Scholars Program.

Favorite Memory: My favorite Memory at MSJ was being a Senior Leader on junior retreat; it was the most impactful experience I have had at school.

What will you miss most: My friends and hanging out in the junior & senior parking lots after school.

Adona Wimberly, Ph.D.
Involvement at MSJ:
I have enjoyed being a participant of The Mothers' Club including contributing to St. Bernardine's Christmas Drive, donating tasty snacks monthly to MSJ's Morning Munchies, providing desserts and items for other MSJ activities supported by the Mothers' Club, and offering the closing prayer several times during the closing of the Mothers' Club meeting.  Additionally, I have been a parent volunteer for MSJ's Kelly's Scholars Interview Night. I was selected to participate in a Parent Group chosen to share with The MSJ Board of Directors ideas about qualities to consider for "The New Principal Search. I have also initiated and organized the MSJ Track Team Banquets.

Favorite Memory: One of my favorite memories is when MSJ teachers told me that a transformation takes place in their students, which is evident by the end of the students' sophomore year, such that the students become more organized and mature.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this come to fruition. I went from checking the Parent Portal daily to checking it every once in a while because, by the end of my son's sophomore year, he took ownership of his portal and grades. I take delight in watching my son grow "from a Boy into a Man that Matters."

Theodore D. Wimberly, Jr. (Teddy)
Activities at MSJ:
Junior Class Vice President 2018-2019,  Student Council Vice President  2019-2020, Designed the MSJ's  “Spirit Week T-Shirts" 2017, 2018,  and 2019, National Honor  Society Member 2017 to present, Debate Team Member 2016- to present, Speaker at MSJ's Martin Luther King Day Prayer Service 2019 and 2020, MSJ Freshmen Lacrosse Team 2016, and MSJ Track & Field (All-Met and All-MIAA Sprinter) 2017 to present.

Favorite Memory:  Serving as a senior leader during one of the 2019 junior retreats. My junior retreat was one of the most impactful experiences that I had at Saint Joe. The moment I left that retreat, I knew that I wanted to be a senior leader, and signed up to become one the following year. This year, I was selected to be a senior leader for the first junior retreat of the year. My experience as a senior leader was even more significant than my experience in junior retreat. As a senior leader, I had to work together with classmates of mine to make this year's junior retreat as amazing as mine was. I was able to forge special connections with the juniors that I led during the junior retreat, as well as the seniors that helped me lead them.

What will you miss most: I will miss most are the relationships I have made with all of the faculty and staff. During my four years, I have had many great teachers. Many of these teachers, especially teachers that I've had for multiple classes, I still talk to and have a relationship. Some teachers have gone as far as to write numerous letters of recommendation for me. When I leave The Mount this year, I am going to miss walking through the hallways and having so many teachers greet me with a smile.