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President's Report

Presidents Message

Welcome Back to all our returning Moms and a special welcome to all our new Moms!


As September gets closer, if you are like me, you are excited about starting a new school year, but a little sad that summer is coming to an end. 


These past few months have been a blessing in disguise, in some regards, as it gave me precious time to spend with my family, especially my two sons. But, with September comes the excitement and hope of a new school year and, in some ways, getting us all back our routines.


I want to thank everyone at Mount Saint Joseph that has worked so tirelessly preparing the campus and learning programs for our boys to return.


As much as we, as parents, want our sons to be back at MSJ, I know that the teachers, staff, and everyone at the Mount have the same wish to be on campus with the students. Though MSJ did a fantastic job of virtual learning last spring, nothing matches the MSJ atmosphere that all our boys feel on campus. I know our boys will be safe and are in the right hands when the appropriate time comes for them to return.  


By September, I had hoped that things would be back to as close to normal as they could. But just like the classroom, the Mothers' Club, too, will be facing challenges this year. Along with the MSJ Administration, we are working on ways to stay connected and continue in some manner, the activities and functions that we all love! 


Please pay attention to the Mothers' Club Facebook Page (Mothers of Mount Saint Joseph) – where we always post the latest information related to our activities. We will also send out emails, making you aware of our activities and status. 


I ask everyone to please be flexible as we face challenges we have never had to face before. With those challenges, I see new opportunities for us, as the Mothers' Club to grow and change. I ask you to work with us – become involved, help us find ways to adapt to the circumstances. We ended last school year with Zoom Mothers' Club Meetings, which many of you attended. We will try to continue those in some manner this school year. 


As we move through the school year, we anticipate changes to the schedule of our traditionally held events. You may see them postponed, or canceled and some may go virtual or altered in some manner.  


The virtual meetings are just as important to our connections. During some of the Zoom meetings last spring, many of you asked for a Book Club. I am happy to tell you that we will start one this year! 


We are also looking for participants to review some of our current activities to determine how to adjust or replace them with other events. I see this as our opportunity to assess and make changes if needed – a chance to come out of these COVID months, better than we went in them. If you would like to be involved in helping us explore options for our current activities or new activities, please reach out to me – we would love for you to become more involved.


As I write this, we are still working on our Welcoming Tea – a function that introduces new MSJ Moms to the Mothers'Club and MSJ. It is one of the most popular and favorite activities, always enjoyed by those that attend. Under the current circumstances, we must tweak it, and we are hard at work planning the event. More information will be coming out to you shortly with details on how you can attend.


I wish all of you and your sons a smooth transition back to school this September, whether it is on campus or virtual. I look forward to whether it is in person or virtual, meeting our new Moms, and seeing many familiar Moms! 


As always, please reach out to me at any time with any questions, comments, or ideas!!!! I know better days are coming, and we will all get through this together!!!


Kathy Montemorra, President

MSJ Mothers Club

[email protected]


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Welcome New Members

Welcome New Moms!

We are the Membership Committee for the MSJ Mothers’ Club and we would love to have you become a member.

The Mothers’ Club motto is “Sisterhood, Spirituality and Sons in action!" We work on many activities and events to support our members and our sons. We are the information hub for so much that happens at MSJ. We invite you to explore our website, to learn more about all that we do in the Mothers’ Club. If you have any membership questions you can email us at [email protected].

New members are always welcome! Go to and click "join the club".

Mail your $10 Lifetime membership payment to:
MSJ Business Office
c/o Mothers' Club Membership
4403 Frederick Ave

Baltimore, MD 21229
In the memo section include: For Mothers’ Club dues

Current moms, have you updated your member portal profile? By updating your information, we can stay in contact with you and find out what committees or areas of interest you have. 

  • If you do not have the link to log into your account please reach out to [email protected] to have it resent.

Do you have friends who are alumni moms? If they are interested in receiving communications from the Mothers Club please have them email [email protected] with their son(s)’s name and year of graduation. We will get a link sent to them to verify their account.

For more information please email Karen Warthen and Kim Stinnett at [email protected].


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Hospitality Committee

Please join us for a virtual Welcome Tea! Sunday, September 20th, 2:00-3:00pm. This event is for all Mothers new and returning to MSJ. Please click here to register and receive the zoom link.

This annual event has a new twist this year, as we share with you, virtually, Learn about the incredible ways our mothers support their sons, the school, and the community through volunteer activities.

New Moms, we hope you will also register for the Post-Welcome Tea Breakout Sessions! See the information below.

Please put on your Sunday best, grab your favorite celebatory beverage and join us for an opportunity to begin your engagement with the MSJ Mothers' Club!

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Faculty Special Events

Welcome back to school! 

The Faculty Special Events committee has provided special treats, one Friday of each month, to the faculty and staff at MSJ. Despite the new guidelines, we will continue to offer these highly sought after Morning Munchies but through a slightly altered manner. Our first Morning Munchies will be delivered September 11th!

This year we will provide individual Munchie bags, containing a variety of items such as granola bars, fruit cups, chips, mixed candy, trail mix, etc.  Each month the bags will reflect a something special such as a holiday, season or special inspiration. We will be looking to the MSJ families for item donations; and a one family each month to volunteer to assemble and delivery the bags to campus.

Donations will be sent/delivered to a volunteer’s house, then the bags will be assembled. Once assembled, the bags will be delivered on a specific date and time to MSJ by the parent and taken to the designated distribution spots for faculty and staff to pick up at their convenience.

Stay tuned for more specific information to follow. A Signup Genius link will be posted on the Mothers' Club Facebook page and sent via email.

Thank you for your continued support of the Faculty Special Events committee.  

Please contact Patti Schwartz Patricia Pilpel Schwartz [email protected] or Jen Walker [email protected]


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Community Outreach

Thank you to everyone who contributed throughout the summer to help support our MSJ neighbor, My Brother's Keeper!

We are continuing to provide food donations to My Brother's Keeper as they continue to serve guests daily during the COVID19 crisis. Please consider supporting MBK “Hot Dog Days” by donating beef hot dogs and/or hot dog buns or any of the following Grab-N-Go lunch items:

  • Bologna, turkey or ham
  • Sliced cheese
  • Individual packages of chips, cookies or crackers
  • Fruit cups
  • Oranges
  • Drinks
  • Mustard/Mayo packets
  • Sandwich or snack bags
  • Pre-packaged cutlery
  • 3 compartment clamshell/disposable type containers

My Brother’s Keeper is located one block from MSJ. The address is: 4207 Frederick Ave, Baltimore 21229.

Please bring donations to the back door, between 8am and 3pm. Someone will open the door to receive your donation. Please indicate the donation is from MSJ Mother's Club.

We will use the Mother's Club Facebook page to post My Brother's Keeper updates throughout school year, including the return of Volunteers and Casseroles.

For more information on how to get involved with community outreach, feel free to contact Annie Chairs ([email protected] or Kathleen Miller ([email protected]).  


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MSJ News

Look for additional information on the Mothers' of Mount Saint Joseph Facebook page .

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